Maple Weekend 2016 March 19 & 20

Want to make a little extra money this spring?

We buy sap! That's right, bring your sap to us and we will pay you for it. A lot of people tap trees in their yard and discover they just don't have time to boil it all. Or do you have a large piece of land that you think holds a lot of maple trees? We are always looking for new woods to tap. Its a great way to use your own property to help pay those taxes! Contact us for more information.

We are now taking orders for 2016 fall pigs

Because it is generally easier to raise pigs in the spring and summer due to warmer temperatures most people chose to purchase a pig that will be ready for butcher in the fall.   This means there is a high demand for spring piglets and fall butchers.  Its hard to believe but 2015 is over and spring will be here faster than we think.  We are now taking orders for fall pigs!  Please see our pricing page for more details.  Don't wait they go fast!

Thank you so much for visiting our website.  Each and every customer is very important to us.  Our goal is to provide the very best products to meet everyone's needs.  As you browse our website please feel free to leave any feedback you have on our contact us page.  We are always looking for ways to grow.  On our website you will be able to take a look into our farm.  You'll see exactly how we operate.  You will learn how we make our maple syrup and how we raise our pigs.  We encourage you to ask questions and come for a tour whenever you can.  We sell our products online as well as at our farm.  We also have a few local restaurants that use our maple syrup!  Please check back often for updates on how our year is going.  Maple season is an extra special time of year! It is what started our farm and has a very special place in our hearts!  For those who are unfamiliar maple season is very short. 4-6 weeks is the average season, so all our syrup for the year must be made in that time.  This is a very fun time to visit the farm.  The sights, smells, and sounds are things you will never forget!  And we always have pigs to see too. 

Quality products from our farm to your table.

Ridgeland Farm