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How we got here

Stefan started tapping maple trees 15 years ago.  He started out with 11 taps and it just grew from there, FAST!  For the next few years Stefan increased his number of taps to 800 and worked with another local maple farm to really learn the ropes.  About 8 years ago God opened the doors for us to purchase a farm just a few house up the road from where we were staying at the time.  A year after we purchased the farm we started Ridgeland Farm and opened up the sugar house.  We have grown to over 3000 taps now and added many maple products to our store.  

       A year ago we got a great opportunity to grow the farm and open up a farm stand to grow produce and provide a quality local product.  It just so happened that a farmer up the road decided to retire and close his farm stand.  We have been so blessed to become close friends with that farmer and to this day he still works with us daily to teach us all we need to know about farming.  

      Stefan's wife Stacey is a full time Physical Therapist during the week but she spends a lot of her time off from work making delicious breads, jams, and sweet maple treats for the farm.  

    Our two kids Avery and Norah love helping out on the farm every chance they get.  We love that we can share this passion of ours with our children.

    We enjoy serving our community and look forward to opening our farm every year.  We love talking with all the familiar faces and meeting new ones.  Its all of you that keep us going and keep us striving to find new ways to serve you. Without all of you none of this would be possible.

About Us: Our Farm
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